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Do you have a part that you need 3D printed?

Do you have an idea that you need brought to life?


I have designed parts ranging from:

1. AC unit clips for classic cars 5. Gun Locks
2. Gears for a classic clock 6. Mask Extenders
3. Door frames for a classic car

7. Light Locker

4. Butterfly Knife

8. Vases



If you need something Printed on Demand, please fill out the 'Contact Form' at the bottom of the page.

  • Butterfly Knife

    Printed in PETG

    Colors: Black

  • Memorial Plaque

    Printed in PLA

    Colors: Black, Orange

  • Light Locker

    Printed in PLA

    Colors: Lilac, Teal, Dark Green, Orange, Ice Blue, Yellow, Red

  • Classic Car Door Frame

    Printed in Galaxy Black PETG

  • AC Vent Clip

    Printed in White PLA

  • Magnetic Door Catch

    Printed in Galaxy Black PETG

  • Gun Flag

    Printed in Red PLA

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